Accredited by Nations Association for Theological Accreditation ( NATA) Bangalore India.

  Accredited by Indian Christian Theological Association, ( ICTA) India.

  Affiliated to American Mission Teams International, Norris City IL U.S.A..

  Affiliated to International College of Bible Theology , ( ICBT) - U.S.A.

  Affiliated to Midwest seminary of Bible Theology ( MSBT) - U.S.A .

  Accredited by American Association of Christian therapists International ( AACTI ) MS U.S.A.

  Accredited by International Council for Theological Accreditation, CA- USA.

  Accredited by World-wide Accreditation commission of Christian Educational institutions, Richmond VA U.S.A.

  Authorized campus of Dayspring International University brookhaven MS-USA.